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At Home Hypnotherapy


How lovely of you to drop by.

Here you will find hypnotherapy and meditation downloads for your mind, body and soul to soothe, restore and heal in the comfort of your home ~ or elsewhere if it pleases you ~ at times to suit you.

The techniques are gentle yet powerful putting you in control with ease and grace.

Created for you with love 💖

  • This is Barbara Ford-Hammond

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  • Hypnotherapy and Meditation

    Here at Ahh we have hypnotherapy sessions for you to use where it pleases you at times you choose. 

    You have already experienced trances in everyday life. Think of times you have been doing something repetitive or during a journey or even in a situation with someone who was a bit boring. 

    You ‘zone’ out, drift off, your focus is elsewhere. 

    It is the same when you are are absorbed in a book or film.

    No-one really knows how someone else feels when they meditate or even relax. In a similar way to one person’s terror can be another’s thrill; bungee jumping, scuba diving or spider handling for example. 

    The experience of trance or meditative state is therefore personal to you. There is no right or wrong.

    When you meditate you ‘are’ and you open out

    When you are in hypnosis you ‘are’ and you focus in

    When you are in hypnotic meditation you just ‘are’

    Meditation = flowing out – in the zone

    Hypnosis = flowing in – in the zone

    Hypnotic meditation = flowing – in the zone

    By blending them you can enter the flow-zone

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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a trance state that enables access to the subconscious mind without the critical interference from the conscious mind. It can be self induced, or one can be hypnotised with your consent. Hypnosis is the narrowing of attention and the focusing in, and, of the mind.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the opening out and stilling of one’s self.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy enables you to access your subconscious mind where everything within you is automatic; healing, habits, behaviours, everything learnt and your emotions. Accessing the inner you enables permanent change with ease and grace.

What is the difference between the hypnotherapy sessions and the meditations? 

The hypnotherapy sessions have been created to help you resolve a particular issue, problem or difficulty. The meditations are add-ons to aid the process or purely for pleasure.

How often should I listen to the hypnotherapy session?

You will own the recording and you can listen as often as you choose. You may have heard of the 21 day to change a habit myth. If habits do take 21 days then no-one would stop smoking in their one session of hypnotherapy. You can change in an instant when your inner planets align - emotions, subconscious + own self-belief. You might take a little time to become comfortable in your changes and that is personal to you.

I heard that 98% of people can be hypnotised, what if I am in that 2% that can’t, will I be wasting my money?

The criteria for being an ideal subject for hypnotic meditation is desire with the ability to follow simple instructions. Some people find it easier to get into a trance-like state than others but everyone can utilise hypnosis if that is their want.  

Who are you?

I am Barbara Ford-Hammond. I have been running a successful private practice since 1992 working with clients worldwide. Hypnosis enables me to live with and manage on-going pain and difficulties following a surgical injury. I am proof that hypnosis is as positive as it is powerful.

Back in the day we created audio cassettes (how old?!?) before progressing to CDs followed by Apps and now downloads.

Blending hypnosis and meditation is a fine way to experience the delicious states that can be achieved to heal, change or for pure delight. 

Can I suggest ideas for hypnotic meditations?

Yes most definitely, we welcome your input, and of course if we use one of your ideas a surprise reward will be on its way.