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At Home Hypnotherapy

All the Sleeps Hypnotherapy + 3 Meditations

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This is the combo of You can Sleep + Sleepy-time:

Take a moment to think about you would feel if you had peaceful, nourishing sleep. The sleep habit resides in the subconscious mind and, as with all habits, the more we do something the more fixed it becomes. This is awesome is sleep is good but not so much if it is not. To change a habit to one that is our best interest we need to change the part that replays the unwanted one.

This change can be made subconsciously during hypnotherapy.

Before creating a new habit it is important to recognise any worries, problems or difficulties interfering with your sleep. Your session will enable this.

You are probably aware of natural cycles of peaks and lulls in your energy levels during waking hours and maybe you ignore or override them. 

If we keep our brains buzzing all day it is often a struggle to sleep well at night because the starting off point at bedtime is one of activity instead of one of calm. This can delayed sleep or cause instant exhausted collapse. Both of these can lead to sleep related disorders. 

Using the 'Inner Still Meditation' is the way to soothe and bring your energy levels into balance. 

This will enable stress to dissipate so it is not sitting in you ready to burst forth at bed-time. Your brain and body can then naturally slow and relax for sleep to come easy when it is time.

I have created 'Sleepy-time' for you to listen to pre-slumber. It is a gentle hypnotic meditation to lull you to the land of zeds.

Should you awaken you can listen to, 'Back to Sleep' if you wish.

Sleepy-time for You is a 12.30 minute meditation followed by music. Total length 1 hour.

Back to Sleep is a 5 minute meditation followed by music. Total length 15.30 minutes.


You will get:

You Can Sleep Session 

Inner Still Meditation

Sleepy-time for You

Back to Sleep Meditation

After payment your hypnotherapy session and meditations will magically whizz to you in a zipped folder for you to download to your preferred device.